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Viva GlamRihanna for M.A.C.

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You had something you could demonstrate as well, right? Yeah it’s quite weird and I’ll look like a blowfish when I do it. And it’s really, really odd. (x)

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Nobody likes you when you're dead .

I’m taking myself to see The Book of Life because my theater is $6 all day Sunday. Aaaand… because I want an excuse to cake makeup on my face. But now I need to buy food to smuggle into the theater. 


Photo shoot I did of Osric’s Sailor Jupiter cosplay 10.10.2014 :)

Photography by Aileen Estrada (me)

Costume by Mia Belle

Tuxedo Mask set

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Yeah, we’re just a regular Matt and Ben.

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girls are SOOOO pretty i wish boys could take a hint and pick up their fucking game. get some eye liner you hillbilly cavemen

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I have on way too much perfume.

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